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brand-spanking new

all the way from the mountains

we took a drive last week in the middle of the night. costi’s car rules.

l also bought a flash. the kitty fat kitty loved it.

saturday l had a paid gig for l went to kristal and session, for the after hours. woohoo. there are some pics following, but go to nights for the whole set.

just look at what my new flash can do – it’s magic!

l don’t know what they were doing there

had a chat with these two guys – the big one is a weightlifter.

the dj’s rocked the place (kristal)

l said what what \:D/

mr. rosario internullo

[the after hours]

the bodyguards were the only ones there

and that’s about it. talk to you in a week or so. cheers.

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