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the socolescu event

l think it was called ‘urban battle’ or something like that. didn’t much enjoy it, but loved the socializing. plus l got some kick ass-photos there – thanks to duno especially. l even added a lil composition to my portfolio, repainted the back of my blouse and got stalked by some photographer. anywho, if you’re looking for the final pieces, head over here. here we go.

no sir, word to you

he was in for the free cookies

boredom WILL get you to play with the hackeysack. the guys here were just dancing. no really, hackey.

50 ain’t got nuthin’ on him

this guy really really liked the lts piece – l had time to do a couple of shots with different focus points before he even moved an inch

old school writer

yep, beckham was there

ilinca had just realised how totally awesome l am

photography 101

the crowd loved it. l swear.

ough these girls

she always wanted to be a writer, but she chose fashion instead

this fence was practically yelling at me

she’s lovin’ it – no really, she stabbed me after l took the shot and ran to istanbul. l’m writing this from a hospital bed.

homeboy crashed the party

gotta love attention-whores

l don’t even know who she is but she’s there. ough those russians!

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