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fun phun phoon time

yep, l’m on a break from my day job while l pass some exams. the good thing about this is that l can play more. playtime follows>>>

ana laughs more than a, well, someone who laughs a lot

ilinca turns into a vampire at the break of night

here’s kitty – l seem to find many willing to strike a pose for me these days

played some fussbol two days ago


showoff reloaded

mr necsulescoo was lactating

ioana was just digging the light

last nite we went to cool cat for a minus concert. meanwhile, we played with soap balloons, much to the irritation of the others there

you can’t get the cool out of her

girls will be girls

minus – this guy plays nintendo and sinthetizes the sounds into some pretty interesting jams with a guitarist

another round of ballons aaaaaaaaaand…

…back to the music

lovely, isn’t it?

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