Travel// Portraits// Parties// Awesomeness by Cristi Mosnegutu
may – june

here’s some of the photo work l’ve done in the last month or so (lots of partying, a lil’ personal project and some leisure shit).


tough one

ozgur can @ studio martin

martin excitement

joseph capriati @ studio martin

lee burridge @ kristal club

heeeeey funny man tell us a joke

took some baby shots with a friend’s nephew – the kid wasn’t really into all that jazz

1/2 of booka shade

the other half

the club’s reaction

more kristal

bet you’ve never seen a bride between two club dancers

this was a thing l wanted to try for some time – a portrayal of that time between being asleep and awake.

still not dreaming

the beginning of a nightmare

and some playtime

caught a rainbow booyaaaaa

she caught some rays

thx vlad nanca

love the polaroid

and now it’s animal hour

how many can you find?

this lil’ guy concludes today’s show. good fight, good night.

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