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7 day festival

friday kicked off the 7 day festival with music and art shows throughout bucharest. the first event took place at arenele romane – richie hawthin and villalobos kicked the shit out of the people there. buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut before the show I went with ilinca to an amusement park and took some shots. unfortunately, nobody was riding the big things – what’s up with people today? anyway, I made a promise to myself to go ride every single one of the rides there asap.

I might be getting a bit obsessed with lights

the shabbiest kiddy train I ever saw

you might of figured out that this guy wasn’t at the fair. and you’d be right. only arene from now on.

caption: long time friend, long time no see. meet sorin.


the place was absolutely packed

the kristal dancers were there

meet richie hawthin

and ricardo villalobos closed the show. at the time I took this shot daylight already creeped in. loved the night.

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