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dance weekend 2008 day 1

last weekend I went to navodari to shoot the big fatboy slim event: 2 nights, a whole lotta people and some other big names. all these pics are from the first night, when trentemoller and roger sanchez played. all in all – a good weekend. let’s get down to business. or fun. whatever.

axe girls doin’ god knows what

pagal and negru

in this truck you get to take a shower and have your picture taken with an underage underdressed blonde

random people there *cough*

now that’s what I call a big-ass stage

some more random people

trentemoller and his two-guy-band

I’m so tempted to call this one “wasted”

yes, trentemoller

first night wasn’t so crowded

he played some nice tunes. all spiced up with a 2 hour never ending raggaeton beat. oh joy.

fans love me. right back atcha.

(to be continued)

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