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the model’s birthday

Last Saturday The Model had a party to celebrate his birthday. He invited some friends, but he had 2 very important guests: Alexander Robotnick (he’s the father of italo-disco ) and Mick Wills. A brief description about them can be found here . Anywho, l loved the place, the party, the free beer – thanks mate and happy birthday once again! 😀 Here’s how the night went down:

this one’s just to give a head’s up on how the spot looks

choir boys or bodyguards?

shouts go out to ma’ man

hot water arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

malin got glasses



tom wilson yey

haven’t had one of these in a long long time – gotta thanks my sb800 for the nice job done

ough – and these guys too 😀

making announcements

mr. robotnyk

l got to play with the nice fiat 500

double exposure

triple exposure!!!!111oneoneone

there won’t be a quadruple exposure if that’s what you’re thinking :))

and mick wills went on to kill the show. slowly but surely.

this girl was crying for some reason

and before we knew it the clock hit 05:00 AM and The Model took over with some kewl german techno – just to make sure everyone’s still awake. they were after his first play

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand after a bit of techno chaos we went off into the cold. silver was waiting. peace.

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