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I’m trying to get more in the photo biz but my new job seems to want to just keep me at my workplace. So, this will be just a text post. Just me blabbering about my frustrations. Hey, it’s my blog after all.

First thing I wanna mention is that I hate delivery firms. I fuckin hate them. Few weeks back I bought a flash from Cluj and made the stupid choice of getting it delivered through Cargus. Well, I know it may not sound like a big deal to you, but the fuckers got my 320 grams of apparatus to Bucharest in 4 days (that’s 3 days late). Yep, 4 days for a national – 499km – delivery. And no, they didn’t give me a refund. Fuck you too.

Second, why is it so hard to find good photo equipment in this country? Everything seems to be made to break if you don’t handle it with gloves. Plus, they never have something on stock. A piece of advice for you shop retailers: if it sells, stock it plenty. You’re very likely to sell many more. That means profit. Say it with me: proooo-fiiiiiit. Good. Let’s continue.

Thirdly, I’m seeing a lot of that Dave Hill look lately. Even locally – I’m sure you’ve seen those Pepsi Max commercials with the guys from that skate shop who’s name I keep forgetting. Now this is a good thing. I love people that aren’t scared of flash. I’ve met some guys that are terrified of using it. They keep going with natural light and long exposures but I say (well, me and the guys at the Strobist community) fuck that – get on the revolution.

That’s about it for now. Peace.

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