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paul van dyk

and the after hours @ martin with Lutzekirchen and OK Corral. Smashing party at Arenele Romane by The Mission, full house there, full house at the after hours, good drinks, good ventilation, good everything. Right, I can stop now :).

Pagal was very very active

forgot to say that’s a good thing. The crowd loved it.


the lighting was too complex for my lil’ sensor. l really need to get a D700.

sieg heil!

lovely. don’t you just love excess smoke?

just so you don’t say l hate black’n’white pics. You know the thing with me saying that you like monochrome and shit. it’s not that l don’t like it, l just think it’s suited ONLY for the best occasions. Like this one.


kiry was there


after about 5 AM Martin kicked off the rest of the party

on fire! they reminded me of pink is punk at that j&b party last summer

told you it was a great party. peace out.

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