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straight from the hood

Straight from the neighborhood, we have some fresh’n’funky shots for all y’all. This past week l’ve been very lazy, the only reason which kept me away from blogging the next few sets of pictures. considering that this night l’m gonna be shooting Paul van Dyk, Pagal, Lutzekircken and the OK Corral, it would be a good idea to start posting some of the older shots. Gooood l so just wanna sleep! Enough bitching:

Ion said he didn’t like my long exposure shots – this one’s for you mate. ORG for life.

show off

the new carhartt line

yeah it says orgs in the back. l know you wanted to know that.

album cover shot

the bird IS the word

no no, coke is the word. and not the snorting kind.

tried some blurs but only this one is worth mentioning

theo comes all the way from the usa but he’s a nice guy.

you know where we be

you know how we walk

you know what we smoke look at


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