Travel// Portraits// Parties// Awesomeness by Cristi Mosnegutu

Although there’s a figure in the title, it has nothing to do with my upcoming birthday. Don’t forget to wish me happy birthday on the 3rd of November! Other than this, we’re down to a two man crew in ORG and partying our asses off, as you’ll be able to tell in the next posts. These shots are a week old and were taken downtown, as it’s my usual place of inspiration.

ion smoking his lungs away

a museum on victoriei but l forgot what it’s called

pretty shop on victoriei

coke in the dark

just shaved my head

furla – pretty self-explanatory

hello to you too

doesn’t it seem that bucharest is turning into london?

kiddy shuuuuuuz


the sign reads “lipeste orice” – even light haha


hi there

the atheneum

the jump

the column

the ion reloaded

the peace out.

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