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welcome 2009!

Well l’m back. Only took me three weeks to gather my thoughts and come up with a decent post. To recap the last few weeks, l only have this to say: l want to sleep! New Year’s Eve was spent in Kristal, documenting the party, Lee Burridge, the friends l was with and all the booze flying around me. That was great while it lasted. Then I went to Vienna for a couple of days where l managed to stay out of the hotel from sun up to sun down and more. Came back tired, obviously, but with great pics shot on the Yashica. Btw, my long desired film scanner is on stock and just got to order it – if l’m nice l should be able to scan some stuff on Saturday. Fingers crossed guys. Just a few days after l came back, l found out my grandfather died. He was my oldest breathing relative and very close to our family. That was a big hit for us and we went to the countryside to arrange the buryial. Besides seeing my dead grandparent in a coffin, l was asked to document the whole ceremonial. This proved to be very tough for a guy who’s used to shooting parties with half naked chicks. I managed to pull through that and preserve grandaddy’s memory through a few good shots – may he rest in peace. Now it seems life is starting to slow down, but l still have school and driving exams to pass as l just managed to finish the driving classes. And that’s about it for this start of 2009, tonite l’m shooting Kool @ Violette and expecting a great party. I’ll leave you with two great pics from Kristal’s NYE. Cheers.

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