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be cool

This post is an inspirational one. Please take your time and think about what l’m saying here – it might do you some good.

About two years ago, a friend of mine told me that it would be almost impossible for her to get her Cambridge degree if she were 22 and didn’t have any english classes for the past few years. This would have been a reference to me, if you haven’t caught up yet. Well guess what, l took that fucking exam and passed it. So fuck you girl, l rock.

Now let’s forward to the present. A week ago l bought a bike. l really can’t remember the last time l rode one. Might be a few years, might be more than 20 years. But hey, who’s counting? The thing is that again, one of my skeptical friends told me l would not learn how to ride it and just sell it. But guess what: l did. I just learned how to ride a bike. Might not seem much, but you try that weighing 700 kilos and riding a kiddy bike. Yeah, l said it – l now know how to ride a bike. And that makes me cool. So now you need to be cool and let these words sync in. The next photo was taken in Bucharest during a photo shoot with two really cool chicks. l thought you might need the visual. Also, you can check this out, too.

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