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Well l went to Bruxelles again. It took me three years to get back here and now that l saw it again, l’m wondering why didn’t l do this earlier. You’ll know what l mean when you see the pictures. After a month here, the “home” feeling was getting to be pretty vague, due to the preciseness and coldness of Dutch life. I got a nice latin, warm jolt when l got to Belgium: the waffles, the French language, les baguettes, les croissants, le parapluie, they all seemed so much familiar then what l found in my home away from home. But that’s me, you decide for yourself after you see what l shot.

PS: I got to visit Le Museum de Beaux-Arts, but that’s not covered here. l’m saving it for later.


huge shopping mall on the left – l managed to keep off spending this time!

the metro

The European Parliament

underground train station – expressway to Luxemburg




le petit bouchon

le chalet

le magasin

wouldn’t mind spending a few years here

no cliche here

Manneken Pis

Grand Place

aaand on the way back we passed by the Atomium, but it was closed.

That’s it. Peace.

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