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A few weeks back, the city hall hosted an assortment of games for little kids, with music, fruits and punch, the whole shabang. The Dutch military couldn’t just refuse an open invitation to new recruits so they brought a few armored vehicles and experienced soldiers to talk to the kids. Who knows what the future holds for them? :))

Oh yeah, they got to play with the vehicle. When l got there, that periscope was all over the place.

Call for reinforcements

She was just waiting her turn to get inside

These were the smoke cannons. In case of overwhelming enemy fire, these would shoot a curtain of smoke at about 100m in front of them and 10m high, just enough for them to retreat to safety.

This was the pilot’s seat. On his right sat the commander and in front there was the artillerist’s seat. Three-man awesomeness.

This guy was kind enough to let me take a shot of him in front of the vehicle.

The guy on the right told us that the vehicle saw action in Afghanistan all last year and came back in one piece from there. Pretty impressive. He himself went to Bosnia too, where he fought with Romanian forces. He had no comments.

This camera was mounted on the back of the vehicle. In case of sandstorms, this little thing is used to see where they’re going. Yes, by looking where they’ve been. Yes, sandstorms can be a real pain in the ass.

Aaaand the captain’s seat.

I’m out, peace.

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