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happy new year!

Alright, so it’s 2010. Hooray! Happy New Year to everyone! (that l didn’t get a chance to talk to yet – which is almost everybody). I’ve been hella busy the last couple of weeks fighting the flu of my life – l think l should have named it something, maybe Katrina because it tore my shit up inside out, l had a week off from work which turned out to be great as l love doing nothing, went to a couple of parties, threw a rager at my house for a few friends that turned out to be a lot more friends and I managed to get a new year’s resolution (which is no resolutions this year and l know it doesn’t make any sense). But without further ado, let’s enjoy the show. And here we go:

ar vrea el


some cashews

better sweets than at chocolat’s

played with some cars

and some fire


innocent bystanders


vroom – oh wait, the metro, my old love!

partied at mnac – which reminds me: fuck you, snow!

shot a tiger

guess who got kicked out

laura shot this

and l shot this

they played great music

and they were hip

more music

a dog jumped in front of me

smoked a bit with Andreea

shot a friend’s work at a shop

fire again

some more cigarettes

with another Andreea

caught up on some metro stuff (touche pussycat!)

partied @ Kristal

Russu at the decks

visited the temple

saw some girls swinging

cutie @ Kristal

Marika & Pagal

played with Santa’s girl one afternoon

and my teddybear

bought new shoes

found a fridge

watched some crazy people

noticed awesome jewelry

and walked near the end of the world

and met Luke Shapiro

the end.

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