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stay frosty

Well, since l haven’t posted in a while, l’m guessing y’all figured out something’s up. And you’re right: whenever January comes, shit tends to pile up and l get overruned by “things to do”. Donno why, it’s just the way l roll. So no, l didn’t forget about my baby, l’m just taking a break from blogging. Obviously, l’m going through some work-related changes which tend to take up most of my time. Add some exams and some course l’m taking to the mix and you’ve got a no-party-going, spend-time-at-home chinonino. Yup, l’ve become domestic. Hopefully l’ll snap out of it once my exams are done and l managed to shift towards the new safe haven. Until then, let’s enjoy this wonderful Siberian weather and check out my midnight shoot. Enjoy!

ps: te-ai dat cu shprei azi?

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