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marrakech – jardin de l’aguedal

While in Lille last year, l bought a couple of postcards from a flea market. The catch? They’re from the 1930s! I’ll try to post them here as l go through the scans, maybe translate the text as they’re in French, let me know if you dig or not. I love the fact that l can hold a piece of history in my hand, almost 80 years since it was first created and still holding up (not literally).

French to English translation:
“Dear godmother

I am glad to know that you are better, but I want you to know quite cured. Thank you for your lovely cards. I’ll  start to make a beautiful collection. I embrace you warmly as I love you. My dear Mimi is well godmother because I do not want her to be ill. I embrace you and Pedaio too.


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