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1st of may trip – part 4: steve lawler

Alright, so we got settled in and chillaxed for a bit in our wunderbar apartment at the end of Mamaia. Soon the night came and I was forced out of my comfortable seat on the couch – Steve Lawler was playing in La Mania and I didn’t even get my invites for Sunwaves yet, nor was I dressed. So start running, get your gear, go all the way to the middle of Mamaia, get the invites, get back to La Mania where you have the pleasure of sitting in line for 40 minutes. That sucked ass. It felt like 1993, waiting for meat and bread. And no, this isn’t a joke. Enihu, the place was packed, lots of dancing and Nima Gorji opened for Steve. Check out the pics.

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