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1st of may trip – part 5 – sunwaves

I could say that during Friday night, when I shot in La Mania, I shot at Sunwaves too, but I would be lying. Trying to take a photo there was a major pain in the ass due to the sheer immensity of the crowd. Try asking 20 dudes to move 5 inches to the left because all you can get in your shot are foreheads. Just try it. And imagine running from La Mania to Kristal all night – and trust me, their not that close together. With that being said, if it was just fun and not work I would have probably enjoyed it. I managed to do that on Sunday morning for about an hour when Carola was playing and the camera was nowhere near me, and boy did it feel great! Gerber’s stoppage-time never sounded better in my life! Getting back to reality now, I did manage to get a few shots of Lee Burridge in the other tent at Sunwaves and here they are. No Ricardo though, as I was the only dumbass there without a press bracelet. Enjoy.

Oh yeah, and these pretty ladies were there to cheer me up a bit – danke, girls!

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