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iovanush’s wedding

No, this doesn’t mean hell’s frozen over and I’m starting to shoot weddings. A good friend decided to get married and the gang was there to spice it up. Of course I brought my camera with all the free alcohol that was about to flow at Novotel. Have a look.

no idea who she is, but hey, sometimes you just gotta go with the flow

check out miclos’s look

and 5 minutes later he’s still in that place – he puts kant to shame

inevitably tudor

check out the priest feelin’ it

and everyone not feelin’ the same thing

middle middle middle (it takes a while till you notice)

ciabatta! goddam I love me some tiny ciabattas!

cosmin had a seat reservation on the luxury carpet


can you feel the love?


And I’ll leave you staring at this chick bustin some Thriller moves. I know, I was the only douchebag there not wearing a suit and I have a pretty good reason why I wasn’t. Sorry guys for that. Wish you two newly weds all the best!

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