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delta music fest – part 1

Delta Music Fest, the infamous music festival that rocks Sfantu Gheorghe each year, happened last week. Boy, let me tell you, it was awesome! Except the mosquitos, everything was just right: music, food, the place, the people, music, ough and did I mention the music? Have a look over the photos, press the “like” button and next year get your butt in our sweet sweet Delta Dunarii. Check it out!

Getting there, with Limun and Victor in the car


one of the three auditoriums in the complex

the place!

oh yeah, people wanted autographs

“Modelul the pupaceste”

First day there and discovered friends that were there for almost a week – that’s a surprise!

Victor M

hey hey hey

Dragos Rusu

The Model

Party girls from Cluj

Almost forgot. You know what this guy did? Do you? No you don’t! He played The Ramooooooooooones! And guess what? Everyone loved it. Thank god, cause I was beat and I deserved a good night’s sleep. To be continued.

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