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Well I spent most of my trip to Sweden/ Copenhagen in Malmö, Sweden, so this is going to be a big post. 59 pics big. Just cause I did a lot, walked and biked a lot and drank a lot of beer. But I don’t think you’re seeing any drinking. Just shiny sparkly Sweden. Enjoy!

First up, the All-American days! Big trucks FTW

Hot-rods FTW

Square-dancing FTW

Cowboys FTW

Ponies FTW

Ha! Suck it! The Swedes love’em too!

Unicorns FTW

First time at the racetrack

Even saw the skatepark

Ough and the seaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaside! I love it!

Le Turning Torseau

Searching for food

And now some sampling of the local color

Mostly blonde. The color.

City Hall

And the sea again. Told you I love it.

The end.

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