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Alright, so a lot of stuff went down in the last couple of months. Here’s some pics that weren’t posted and some announcements.

Managed to bang my ride. Thankfully, the guys at DiBas fixed it quickly.

This thing: protests that happened in January – I didn’t get to the point of actually voicing out or shooting them because, honestly, I thought this was all bullshit. I heard the people complaining, saw the “peaceful” fighting at Universitatii and yet I was not impressed. I know that 95% of those out there were actually paid to be there, so what that this say about as a people? We’re cheap! I heard the going rate for one day of protests is 100 RON (25 euros for you foreigners out there reading this). The TV networks were endorsing this fucked up behavior, so now I just skip through all Romanian channels, but TVR2. I mean, I knew all major networks were biased and had an agenda, but this was going too far. That’s why I didn’t want to go shoot at Universitatii, I didn’t want to add to their social experiment’s exposure. Thankfully, this thing did not escalate. Moving on.

Aaaargh, our lovely winter scene: two meter tall snow banks! Got to exercise at -10 digging parking spots – lovely.

On December 10th my sis delivered this little budle of joy – Matei Stefan. I reckon you’ll be seeing a lot of him here from now on.

On February 18th we christened him in a 300 year-old church.

And food! Of course there’s food 🙂

And that’s it for now. Peace.

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