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netherlands in september – part 3

onwards! with part 3!

baggage claim – I always wonder what if? what if my bag doesn’t show up?

have you guys had your bags not show up at the airport?

after freezing my ass off, I got to check in to this awesome hotel room

with this awesome bathroom

and this awesome bed

I think it was reserved for royalty haha

and this awesome lamp

well of course outside it was still raining

told you this lamp was awesome

even the inside of the hotel was awesome

once the rain stopped, we got dressed in more proper (read longer) clothes and went out to get something quick to eat

mcdonalds, I hate you. the reason is that wereldberoedmdd mckroket shit

I can’t describe the exact feeling I felt when I first bit into it, but it was like eating a raw spoiled egg. with ham bits inside it. and flaming hot.

there’s more food to come so stick around.

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