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netherlands in november

not much to say

really shitty weather so I ended up shooting diddly-squat

enjoy the food pics and watch the clip at the end!

go figure I’d end up running from the rain and find IKEA HQ

we really like hotdogs

and iced tea. ok only I do

awesomest donuts ever

cheapest sushi ever

still tastier than most romanian sushi

november is the month of the light festival in eindhoven, called glow

they do video mapping on a lot of buildings in the city, with artists from all over europe

these 6 babies were used on the church

cops and robbers on the police station

wizzair good life

and for the grand finale check out my cut of the glow festival:

glow festival eindhoven 2012 from Cristi M on Vimeo.

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